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CREEP, a new European Innovative Training Network

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Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) has granted 10 licences of MOVE Suite Software to Géosciences Montpellier

The structural geology and petroleum engineering software company Petroleum Experts Ltd (PetEx). with headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, has donated 10 MOVE suite software licences to the (...)

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ANR project LISZT: studying listvenites

The ANR project entitled LISZT aims at identifying and modelling the thermo-hydro-chemical mechanisms of CO2-metasomatism producing mantle-derived listvenites and at defining criteria for (...)

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Promising project between master and high-school students

This year, the master students from the DTRN "Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards" and GER "Geology of Exploration and Reservoirs" are developing through the Student Chapter association a very (...)

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Friday Seminars

Seminar program of Geosciences Montpellier and the Doctoral School GAIA for 2018-2019

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The last Géosciences-Infos bulletin n°16 (2019-Jan/Feb )

Every 2 months, the laboratory publishes a newsletter "Géosciences-Infos": focus on research (...)


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March 2019 Friday seminars Geosciences/ED GAIA

March 1st David Fink (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) "Accelerator Mass (...)