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Andréa Tommasi, elected in 2016 to the Union Fellow of AGU

Geosciences Montpellier wishes you a happy new year 2017

LIA-D3E - Taiwan

Sète, 26-29 Septembre 2016

CREEP, a new European Innovative Training Network

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Just published in Science Advances

Fractures and faults riddle the Earth’s crust on all scales, and the deformation associated with them is presumed to have had significant effects on its petrological and structural evolution. (...)

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Oman drilling project

Two-thirds of Earth’s surface is made up of oceanic crust, which forms at mid-ocean ridges and is recycled into the mantle via subduction at convergent plate boundaries. During each phase of its (...)

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Serpentine days 2016

The 4th international ’Serpentine Days’ Workshop was recently held in the Lazaret resort in Sète (Southern France) from 26 to 29 September 2016. It was supported by the Société Française de (...)

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Friday Seminars

Seminar program of Geosciences Montpellier and the Doctoral School GAIA for 2016-2017

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May Friday seminars Geosciences/ED GAIA

Friday May 5 at 8:30 (AM) "Journée de doctorants GM - 2017"
Friday May 19 at 02:00 (PM) - (...)