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CURRICULUM VITAE (Down load Word File)

ResearcherID:    C-2165-2014

Position  Directeur de Recherche C.N.R.S. (DR1)

Laboratory Géosciences Montpellier UMR CNRS 5243

Group Mantle
(What ever that means ! Anywhere between 1m and 6371 km below the Earth's surface in my case)

Research interests

Crystallographic preferred orientation and anisotropic physical properties
Ab-inito atomic modelling of crystals and their physical properties
Experimental measurement of physical properties
Experimental deformation at high temperature and pressure
Microstructure - scanning and transmission electron microscopy
Electron back scattered diffraction (E.B.S.D.) *** CamScan CrystalProbe at Montpellier (see installation pictures February 2008) ***

Elected member of CNRS Comité National section 18 - Terre et planètes telluriques : structure, histoire, modèles
Teaching Masters Modules - M1 Physical Properties of Rocks, M2 Physics of the Earth's Interior
(Master Science de la Terre, parcours Recherche Terre et Environnement, Université Montpellier II )

E-mail First.Family@gm.univ-montp2.fr   First=David and Family=Mainprice
(the above has nothing to do with Aston 'Family Man' Barrett of Bob Marley and The Wailers, whose fathering of 52 children with different mothers resulted in his nickname ... it is a technique to avoid SPAM)

Batiment 22, 4th floor, Room 403 (*** New location ***)

Telephone International  +     Fax  +  (*** New Fax Number***)

Postal Address
Géosciences Montpellier UMR CNRS 5243
Bâtiment 22, CC 060
Université Montpellier 2
Place Eugène Bataillon
34095 MONTPELLIER cedex 05

Academic History

1972    B.Sc.(hons) in  Geology (Kingston Polytechnic, London, UK)
1976    M.Sc. in Structural Geology and Rock mechanics (Imperial College, London, UK)
1981    Ph.D. in  Rock mechanics (The Australian National University, Canberra , Australia)


1977-1981    Scholarship of The Australian National University.
1981-1982    Royal Society European Exchange Fellow
                     Laboratoire de Tectonophysique, Nantes, France.
1982-1984    Science and Engineering Research Council Fellow
                     Department of Metallurgy and Science of Materials, Oxford,UK.
1995             Invited distinguished lectuer at the University of Pisa, Italy
1995-1996    Crosby distinguished lectureship  in the Departement of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences  at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, U.S.A.
2006             Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellow, at Shizuoka University
2010             Invited Professor, Geosciences Department, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
2012              Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (AGU Fellows are limited to no more than 0.1% of the total AGU membership)
                      Citation: for ground breaking laboratory work, observations, and computations relating fundamental mineral physics to problems in seismology and    geodynamics.

2014             Invited Professor, Insitute of Geosciences, Shizuoka University, Japan.
2012-2015    La Prime d'excellence de scientifique du CNRS (Le CNRS reconnaît anisi la contribution exceptionelle que vous avez apportée à la recherche)
2017             Invited Professor, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo.
2017             Paul G. Silver AGU Award for Outstanding Scientific Service.
                     Citation for D. Mainprice for Paul G. Silver award, 2017:
As befits a Silver Awardee, David Mainprice’s scholarship transcends boundaries of mineral physics, tectonophysics, and seismology, enabling improved understanding of S-wave splitting, thermal diffusivity, phase transitions, and relations among deformation, elastic moduli, and seismic properties. David was directly connected to Paul Silver; they co-authored two influential papers and maintained a personal friendship. But, more important in the context of this award are David’s intellectual generosity, enthusiastic mentorship, and kindly cooperation with students and colleagues. Beginning in 1990, he committed to making his petrophysics programs and databases freely available. Nowadays, collaborating with Hielscher, Bachmann, Schaeben, and others, David is a major contributor and teacher of MTEX, an open-source code providing robust statistical assessments of crystal preferred orientation, seismic-velocity anisotropy, and shear-wave polarization. At any given meeting, there are always a spectacular number of posters displaying figures using MTEX or his older software. David’s generosity extends to hosting research visits in Montpellier and providing workshops world-wide. It was easy to collect heart-felt and eloquent quotations illustrating his influence as a mentor and collaborator. D. Prior, Otago Univ., said, “Mainprice’s contributions … to texture measurement have been trend setting, yet openly available... [His lab] made world-class EBSD instruments available to international users… [When] launched 15 years ago, it included many components built in-house, sometimes out of commonly available household items (including coffee filters).” K. Michibayashi, Shizuoka University, commented, “I was very much inspired by David … [and] still rely on his products and basic ideas.” Q. Wang, Nanjing University, commented, "[Dave is] a generous teacher and friend. He helped to establish my career and taught me how to become an honorable scientist." S. Misra, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, quoted a Sanskrit aphorism, “Sharing knowledge gives humility; humility gives character.” Misra concluded that David Mainprice epitomized the essence of that saying.

Paul G. Silver AGU Award for Outstanding Scientific Service citation and reply


Dernières nouvelles du CNRS-INSU n°298

David Mainprice lauréat du prix Paul G. Silver award


David Mainprice held Royal Society European Exchange Fellow at Nantes (France) in 1981/82 before moving to the department of  Science of Materials at the University of Oxford (UK) as a Science and Engineering Research Council Fellow from 1983/84. He then moved back to Nantes in 1984 as a Chargé de Recherche CNRS in the group led by Prof. Adolphe Nicolas (Laboratoire de Tectonophysique). In 1986 the group was transferred to Montpellier. In 1991 he became Director de Recherche CNRS. In 1995-96 he was on sabbatical leave at MIT holding the Crosby distinguished lectureship. From 1998 to 2003 he was director of the university service laboratory for electron microscopy. From 1999 to 2003 he was director of the UMR Tectonophysique. He was an elected member of CNRS Comité National section 18 - Terre et planètes telluriques : structure, histoire, modèles from 2004-2008. In January 2012 was elected fellow of the American Geophysical Union for his fundamental contributions to science. November 2012 he was awarded the "La Prime d'excellence de scientifique du CNRS" for his exceptional contribution to research. 2017 recipient of the Paul G. Silver AGU Award for Outstanding Scientific Service.

Direction of theses

Y. Montardi (1987) Etude du frittage et de la déformation plastique expérimentale des plagioclases. UM II

S. Ji (1987) Déformation plastique naturelle et expérimentale des plagioclases. UM II (Prix de Thèse du CNRS, Sciences de la Terre - année 1987-1988 )

G. Barruol (1993) Pétrophysique de la croûte inférieure. Rôle de l’Anisotropies sismiques sur la réflectivité et déphasage des ondes S. UM II

B. Seront (1993) Déformation expérimentale à haute pression et haute température d’agrégats polycristallins de plagioclases et d’olivine. UM II

W. Ben Ismaïl (1999) La lithosphère  cratonique : Pétrophysique des xénolites mantlelliques d’Afrique du Sud. UM II

E. Pera (2000) Caratteri  petrofisici  del  mantello  lithoferico  dell’italia centrale. Università di Milano (co-director  with Prof. A. Boriani)

E. Larive  (2002) Étude expérimentale des roches à très faible perméabilité UM II PDF

B. Gibert (2003) Étude expérimentale de la diffusivitie thermique des roches mantlelliques UM II
(co-director with Dr.A.Tommasi) Prix de Thèse Haüy-Lacroix 2004 de la Société Française de Minéralogie et de Cristallographie. PDF

L. Pèdesseau (2004)  Comportement de matériaux complexes via la modélisation moléculaire. Toulouse

P. Jouanna (2005) Modélisation phéno-corpusculaire de phases et nanophases. UM II


Web documents

Teaching Documents - M1 Physical Properties of Rocks

Teaching Documents - M2 Physics of the Earth's Interior

Teaching Documents - Texture Summer School 2005

Deutsch-Französische Hochschule Université Franco-Allemande (DFH-UFA)
Summer School at Freiberg, Germany on June 29 to July 8, 2005
"Textures and Microstructures in the Earth Sciences"
Organized by David Mainprice (Montpellier) and  Helmut Schaeben (Freiberg)

Teaching Documents - Textures and anisotropy in crystalline materials 2010

Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Crystal2Plate” Short-course “Textures and anisotropy in crystalline materials” Organized by Andrea Tommasi and David Mainprice 28 June-2 July 2010 Montpellier.”


David Mainprice : 4 lectures - Basic notions of crystallography & symmetry Part 1 and 2, Notions of electronic diffraction and the EBSD technique, EBSD data: euler angles, representations and reference frames, Anisotropy of physical properties: from the crystal to the rock scale.


Andrea Tommasi : 3 lectures -  Introduction to crystal plasticity – deformation mechanisms, microstructures & crystallographic orientations parts 1 & 2, From crystal & rockscale anisotropic properties to mantle dynamics parts 1 & 2, Numerical models of crystal preferred orientation evolution during plastic deformation : linking textures to slip systems activity and deformation regimes.

Other Documents - CNRS-INSU Web Article

Documents associated with my invited lecture  'A personal view of EBSD and future developments'
Lecture given at  the 10th regional meeting of the European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS)
in Padova, Italy in 17-20 June 2012


MTEX : An open source MATLAB Toolbox for Quantitative Texture

New website for MTEX


Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan and running
 & proceedure for disenabling new "System Intergrity Protection" (SIP
also simple fix for MTEX binary check failed! error on new iMac

Crystal Geometry              Pole Figures                   ODFs                           Tensors

       EBSD                           Grains                Grain Boundaries              Plotting

MTEX Reference or Related Publications

Originally developed by Ralf Hielscher as part of this Ph.D. thesis "The Radon Transform on the Rotation Group : Inversion and Application to Texture Analysis"
under the direction of Helmut Schaeben (Institut für Geologie,Technische Universität Freiberg, Germany), Ralf is currently at Fakultät für Mathematik, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. Recently the toolbox has been extended to include the analysis of EBSD data by Florian Bachmann (T U Freiberg) and others.

The MTEX algorithm is described in the paper
R. Hielscher and H. Schaeben, (2008) A novel pole figure inversion method: specification of the MTEX algorithm,
J. Appl. Cryst. (2008). 41, 1024-1037 [ doi:10.1107/S0021889808030112 ].
Please refer to this paper when publishing results obtained using MTEX.

This toolbox is ideal for people you want to lean and go beyond the contraints of closed commerical X-ray pole figure inversion or EBSD software packages.
In new version 4.1.0, just released,  features a completely rewritten misorientation analysis which is faster and much more intuitive. Considerable effort has be made to develop flexiable import facilities to read a wide range of data format of pole figures and now including HKL-Oxford, Bruker and EDAX-TSL EBSD export files. The toolbox is ongoing development project open to anyone interested, either to use and comment on the toolbox and its help files, develop code or suggest the development of new features. New physical properties codes have been written in an optimized MatLab code for this toolbox as part of ongoing collaboration with Ralf Hielscher and Helmut Schaeben.

The toolbox is well suited to teaching texture analysis; visualization of symmetry operations, pole figures, inverse pole figures, ODFs in various types of representation, spherical hamonic analysis, entropy, texture index ( = J-index of Bunge or F2 of Matthies), mean orientation, Euler angles, Rodrigues vectors, axis/angle, quaternions, misorientations etc.

Two reference publication on using texture data (pole figure inversion e.g. X-ray goniometry or single oreintation data e.g. EBSD) in MTEX to calculate and plot anisotropic physical properties now available, see below.  

***I am Shutting down access to the Physical properties available, but will back with a Fully working data base that you can search for your mineral physical properties tensors on-line***

See MAINPRICE, D. , HIELSCHER, R.,  and SCHAEBEN, H. (2011) Calculating anisotropic physical properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package. In: Prior, D.J., Rutter, E.H., Tatham, D. J. (eds) Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics: Microstructures, Mechanics and Anisotropy. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 360, 175-192. PDF

See MAINPRICE, D., BACHMANN, F., HIELSCHER, R., SCHAEBEN, H. (2014) Calculating anisotropic piezoelectric properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package. In: Faulkner, D.R., Meckenburgh, J., Mariani, E., (eds) Rock Deformation from Field, Experiments and Theory: A Volume in Honour of Ernie Rutter. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 409,
http://dx.doi.org/10.1144/SP409.2 PDF


     Muliplot feature of mtex - 5. 0. 3 using spherical harmonic method
  gives more accurate plot of single crystals with symmetry
                               Olivine Single Crystal:- Seismic Properties

"Beta development" of a database of single crystal mineral elastic tensors in GPa suitable for importation by copy and paste into MTEX M-files
. MTEX Elastic Tensor M-files

(PLEASE report any errors in these files, thank you)

MTEX Teaching Documents - EBSD 2014 Pittsburgh - Introduction to MTEX
MTEX Teaching Documents - EBSD 2014 Pittsburgh - Earth Sciences Applications
MTEX Teaching Documents - EBSD 2014 Pittsburgh - Examples
MTEX Teaching Documents - SUMMER SCHOOL on RECRYSTALLIZATION 8-12 september 2014 Fréjus, France 2014

MTEX Introduction EBSD - The Electron Microscopy Symposium, Masdar Intitute 2-5 November 2015 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2015
Application of EBSD to geomaterials - The Electron Microscopy Symposium, Masdar Intitute 2-5 November 2015 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2015

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              United Nations Children's Fund

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Unicef Careware : philosophy
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Petrophysical sofware (Unicef Careware)




The anisotropic seismic properties using the elastic tensor constants and density given by Stackhouse et al. (2005 EPSL vol.230 pages1-10) for Post-Perovskite at 136 GPa and 3000K.
Using the program ANIS to calcluate velocities in a *.VpG file and the program VpG to generate the postscipt graphics
Post-Perovskite Single Crystal Vp etc


Example crystal preferred orientation measured with optical microscope and universal stage for Oman sample 90OA65A (data courtesy of Prof. Françoise Boudier). A contoured density plot using the program PF2k and olivine orientations stored as Euler angle triplets (phi1,PHI,phi2).

             Example figure with PF2k


Example of anisotropic seismic properties using the elastic tensor constants and density of olivine with Euler angle triplets (phi1,PHI,phi2) for sample 90OA65A with program ANIS.

             Figure for 90OA65A

Using the program ANIS to calculates velocities in a *.VpG file and the program VpG to generate the postscipt graphics

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The Earth's Elastic Crust



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New - MTEX Demo for P-wave Fabric-index-angle (FIA) for olivine CPOs
Download DEMO Script & functions

MICHIBAYASHI K., MAINPRICE , D. , FUJII A., UEHARA S., SHINKAI, Y., KONDO, Y., OHARA Y., ISHII T., FRYER, P., BLOOMER, S.H, ISHIWATARI, A., HAWKINS, J., JI, S., (2016) Natural olivine crystal-fabrics in the western Pacific convergence region: A new method to identify fabric type. EPSL 443, 70-80.  

Selected Publications and in PDF format - if link to specific paper does not work - try this link for all pdfs

Google Scholar (corrected): Publications found 141 citations  8736 h-index  50   i10-index 118 (June 2018)

List of Publications

156: TOMMASI, A., GORYAEVA, A., CARREZ, P., CORDIER, P. and MAINPRICE, D.,(2018) Deformation, crystal preferred orientations, and seismic anisotropy in the Earth’s D" layer. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 492, 35-46. PDF

BOULLIER, A.-M., ROBACH,O., ILDEFONSE, B., BAROU,F.,MAINPRICE, D., OHTANI,T., and FUJIMOTO, K. (2018) High stresses stored in fault zones: exemple of the Nojima fault (Japan). Solid Earth, 9, 505–529. PDF

154: CLEMENT M., PADRΌN-NAVARTA, J.-A.,TOMMASI A., MAINPRICE, D.,(2018) Non-hydrostatic stress field orientation inferred from orthopyroxene (Pbca) to low-clinoenstatite (P21/c) inversion in partially dehydrated serpentinites. American Mineralogist 103 (6): 993-1001 PDF

153: THIEME,M., S. DEMOUCHY,S., MAINPRICE, D., BAROU,F., CORDIER,P. (2018) Stress and microstructure evolution during transient creep of olivine at 1000-1200 °C, Phys. Earth Planet. Int. 

492, 35-46 PDF

152: MORALES, L.F.G., MAINPRICE, D.,, KERN,H. (2018)
Olivine-antigorite phase transformation: microstructures, phase boundary misorientation and seismic properties. Tectonophysics 724–725, 93–115. PDF

151: CHAUVE, T
., MONTAGNAT, S. PIAZOLO, B. Journaux, J.WHEELER, M., BAROU, F., MAINPRICE, D., TOMMASI, A., (2017) Non-basal dislocations should be accounted for in simulating ice mass flowPDF Earth and Planetary Science Letters 473, 247–255.
La glace révèle enfin le mystère de ses dislocations...  http://www.insu.cnrs.fr/node/6683

150: HIDAS, K., TOMMASI A., MAINPRICE, D., CHAUVE, T., BAROU F., MONTAGNAT, M. (2017) Microstructural evolution during thermal annealing of ice-Ih

Journal of Structural Geology 99, 31- 44.  PDF

149: ALMQVIST, B.S.G and MAINPRICE, D., (2017) Seismic properties and anisotropy of the continental crust: Predictions based on mineral texture and rock microstructure.
Rev. Geophys., 55, doi:10.1002/2016RG000552. PDF, featured by AGU editors-Vox post.  The Earth's Elastic Crust
148: CHAUVE, T., MONTAGNAT, M., BAROU, F., HIDAS K.,  TOMMASI, A., MAINPRICE,D.,  (2016) Investigation of nucleation processes during dynamic recrystallization of ice using cryo-EBSD.  Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 375: 20150345. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rsta.2015.0345PDF 

147: MOOKHERJEE, M., MAINPRICE,D., MAHESHWARI, K., HARIHARAN, A., HEINONEN, O. (2016) High-pressure elastic softening in albite (NaAlSi3O8). Scientific Reports 6, 34815 ; doi:10.1038/srep34815. PDF
146: UR REHMAN, H., MAINPRICE, D., BAROU, F., YAMAMOTO, H., KAZUAKI, O., (2016) EBSD-measured crystal preferred orientations of eclogites from the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, central Shikoku, SW Japan. European Journal of Mineralogy. Eur. J. Mineral., 28, 1–14.
PADRON-NAVARTA, J.-A., MAINPRICE, D., VAUCHEZ, A.,  BAROU, F.,  & MARCHESI, C., (2016) Fluid-assisted strain localization in the shallow subcontinental lithospheric mantle. Lithos. doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2016.07.038  PDF

144: MAINPRICE , D. (2016) Presentation of the Dana Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America for 2016 to Patrick Cordier. American Mineralogist, 101, 1008–1010.

MICHIBAYASHI K., MAINPRICE , D. , FUJII A., UEHARA S., SHINKAI, Y., KONDO, Y., OHARA Y., ISHII T., FRYER, P., BLOOMER, S.H, ISHIWATARI, A., HAWKINS, J., JI, S., (2016) Natural olivine crystal-fabrics in the western Pacific convergence region: A new method to identify fabric type. EPSL 443, 70-80.  PDF

142: NICOLAS, A., BOUDIER, F. and MAINPRICE, D.  (2015) Paragenesis of Magma Chamber Internal Wall discovered in Oman ophiolite gabbros. Terra Nova. DOI: 10.1111/ter.12194 PDF  

141: HIELSCHER, R. MAINPRICE, D. and SCHAEBEN, H. (2015) Material behaviour – Texture and anisotropy. In Handbook of Geomathematics (2nd edition), edited by W.Freeden, Z. Nashed and T. Sonar, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany. pp 2149-2188, ISBN: 978-3-642-54550-4 (Print) 978-3-642-54551-1 (Online) . PDF

140: ALMQVIST, B., MISRA, S., MAINPRICE, D., KLONOWKA, I., MAJKA, J. (2015) Melt Production and Percolation in Synthetic Quartz-Mica Schist: in situ Detection via Ultrasonic Velocity Drops and Anisotropy Reduction. EPSL 425, 24-33. PDF

139: MAINPRICE, D. (2015) Seismic anisotropy of the deep Earth from a mineral and rock physics perspective. Schubert, G. ‘Treatise in Geophysics,
2nd Edition’ Volume 2. Oxford: Elsevier. pp 487-538 PDF

138: VIOLAY M., GIBERT, B., MAINPRICE, D., BURG J.-P. (2015) Brittle versus ductile deformation as the main control of the deep fluid circulation in oceanic crust. Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, doi:10.1002/2015GL063437.PDF

137: PADRON-NAVARTA, J.-A., TOMMASI, A., GARRIDO, C.,J., MAINPRICE, D., (2015) On topotaxy and compaction during antigorite and chlorite dehydration. Contrib Mineral Petrol 169:35
DOI 10.1007/s00410-015-1129-4 PDF

136: ARZILLI, F., MANCINI, L., VOLTOLINI, M., CICCONI, M.R., MOHAMMADI, S., GIULI, G., MAINPRICE, D., PARIS, E., BAROU, F. AND CARROLL, M.R. (2015) Near-liquidus growth of feldspar spherulites in trachytic melts: 3D morphologies and implications in crystallization mechanisms.  Lithos 216–217, 93–105. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2014.12.003 PDF

135: PEUBLE, S., ANDREANI, M., GODARD, M., GOUZE, P., BAROU, F., VAN DE MOORTELE, B., MAINPRICE, D., REYNARD, B. (2015) Carbonate mineralization in percolated olivine aggregates: Linking effects of crystallographic orientation and fluid flow. American Mineralogist 100,474-482. PDF  (Highlighted by American Mineralogist editors as a "Notable Paper")

High temperature instruments and methods developed for supercritical geothermal reservoir characterisation and exploitation—The HiTI project 134: MORALES, L.F.G., LLOYD, G.E., MAINPRICE, D., (2014) Fabric transitions in quartz via viscoplastic self-consistent modelling Part I: axial compression and simple shear under constant strain, Tectonophysics 636, 52–69. PDF

133: MAINPRICE, D., BACHMANN, F., HIELSCHER, R., SCHAEBEN, H. (2014) Descriptive tools for the analysis of texture projects with large datasets using MTEX - strength, symmetry, and components.  In: Faulkner, D.R., Meckenburgh, J., Mariani, E., (eds) Rock Deformation from Field, Experiments and Theory: A Volume in Honour of Ernie Rutter. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 409, http://dx.doi.org/10.1144/SP409.8  PDF

132: MAINPRICE, D., BACHMANN, F., HIELSCHER, R., SCHAEBEN, H. (2014) Calculating anisotropic piezoelectric properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package. In: Faulkner, D.R., Meckenburgh, J., Mariani, E., (eds) Rock Deformation from Field, Experiments and Theory: A Volume in Honour of Ernie Rutter. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 409,
http://dx.doi.org/10.1144/SP409.2 PDF

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127: SATSUKAWA,T., ILDEFONSE, B., MAINPRICE, D., MORALES, L.F.G., MICHIBAYASHI, K., and BAROU, F., (2013) A database of plagioclase crystal preferred orientations (CPO) and microstructures – implications for CPO origin, strength, symmetry and seismic anisotropy. Solid Earth, 4, 511-542. PDF
Supplementary Material pole figure plots of CPO (39.2 Mo) PDF

126: FRETS, E.C., TOMMASI, A., GARRIDO, C.J., VAUCHEZ, A., MAINPRICE, D., TARGUISTI, K., AMRI, I., (2013) The Beni Bousera peridotite massif (Morocco): A kilometer-scale oblique-slip low-angle shear zone thinning the subcontinental mantle?  J. Petrology, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egt067 High temperature instruments and methods developed for supercritical geothermal reservoir characterisation and exploitation—The HiTI project PDF

125: VAUCHEZ, A., CHAUVET, A., MAINPRICE, D., LAGABRIELLE, Y., Bestani, L., .,  Clerc C., LAHFID, A., (2013) Reply to comment by P. Olivier on “Pre-orogenic exhumation of the North Pyrenean Agly massif (Eastern Pyrenees - France)”, Tectonics, 32, doi:10.1002/tect.20061.

124: MORALES, L.F.G., MAINPRICE, D., BOUDIER, F., (2013) The influence of hydrous-phases on the microstructure and seismic properties of a hydrated mantle rock, Tectonophysics, 594, 103-117. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2013.03.022 PDF

123: SHUSHAKOVA,V., FULLER, Jr., E.R., HEIDELBACH, F., MAINPRICE, D., and SIEGESMUND, S., (2013) Marble decay induced by thermal strains: simulations and experiments, Environmental Earth Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s12665-013-2406-z. PDF

122: VAUCHEZ, A. CLERC,C., BESTANI, L., LAGABRIELLE, Y., CHAUVET, A., LAHFID, A., MAINPRICE, D., (2013) Pre-orogenic exhumation of the North Pyrenean Agly massif (Eastern Pyrenees - France), Tectonics, DOI: 10.1002/tect.20015. PDF

121: DEMOUCHY, S., TOMMASI, A., BAROU, F., MAINPRICE, D., CORDIER, P. (2012) Deformation of Olivine in Torsion under Hydrous Conditions, PEPI, 202–203, 56–70. PDF

120: VAUCHEZ, A., TOMMASI, A., MAINPRICE, D. (2012) Faults (shear zones) in the Earth's mantle – Invited review, Tectonophysics 558-559, 1–27. PDF

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