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Andréa Tommasi, elected in 2016 to the Union Fellow of AGU

Geosciences Montpellier wishes you a happy new year 2017

LIA-D3E - Taiwan

Sète, 26-29 Septembre 2016

CREEP, a new European Innovative Training Network

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Promising project between master and high-school students

This year, the master students from the DTRN "Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards" and GER "Geology of Exploration and Reservoirs" are developing through the Student Chapter association a very (...)

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Friday Seminars

Seminar program of Geosciences Montpellier and the Doctoral School GAIA for 2017-2018

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Glass: a not so fragile solid

Glass is an amorphous material, i.e., non-crystalline, it is solid at temperatures below the so-called glass transition temperature (Tref) but viscous above this temperature (Log viscosity 12). (...)

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Oman drilling project

Two-thirds of Earth’s surface is made up of oceanic crust, which forms at mid-ocean ridges and is recycled into the mantle via subduction at convergent plate boundaries. During each phase of its (...)

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The last Géosciences-Infos bulletin n°10 (November/December)

Every 2 months, the laboratory publishes a newsletter "Géosciences-Infos" : focus on research (...)

PhD defenses in December

Thursday, December 6th at 02:00 PM: Carlotta Ferrando "Melt transport and assimilation-precipitation


Consult the publications search engine (consultation by year, author, type of publication (...)

December Friday seminars Geosciences/ED GAIA

December, 1st : Olivier VIDAL( ISTerre, Université Grenoble-Alpes) "Ressources minérale et (...)