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Géosciences Montpellier fosters startups companies

The recent creation of Voxaya by Vanessa Hébert, (PhD in 2011), et Olivier Rodriguez (post-Doc) both in the TMP reasearch team until 2103, is another great example of the part Géosciences Montpellier plays in the creation of "geo-companies".

Indeed, several fresh Doctors in Earth Science from Montpellier University have created their own company, close to their old school, and they now employ dozains of highly qualified staff. They provide expertise, advice and services, or they create and supply softwares in the area of natural risk, environement or O&G reservoirs.

Geoter stands as foreruner. Created more than 25 years ago in Clapier (Montpelllier northern suburb), the company counts more than 40 people, and has opened several branches in France. It has joined the internationalgroup Fugro in 2012.

More recently, Techsia and IGEOSS have developed software specifically for the O&G exploration and production. They both have been integrated to Schlumberger, in order to create the “Montpellier Technology Center” gathering 200 employees.

Géosciences Montpellier also fostered AB Consultant, Cenote, Eliis, ImaGeau, each one, a company initiated by a Doctor or a Post-Doc of the laboratory. Innovation is the key word in common to all experiences, as each young company keeps and develp strong relationships with their previous lab, through collaborative research projects, participations in teaching and supervision of Masters or PhD students. It must be underlined that several types of supports from local, regional and national origin converge to provide help and guidance to young entrepreneurs.

Last on record, Voxaya is a startup dedicated to X-ray tomography, non-destructive, 3D, using X-ray tomography, analyses of microscopic internal structures. They provide samples analyses in the domain of geosciences, but address problems in the areas of biology, agronomy, food industry, environnement... you name it!.

Companies originated from Geosciences Montpellier make as many good examples for present-day students willing to create their own job, and their own business. They maintain relationships that are profitable for their business, the laboratory and the teaching department.