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Promising project between master and high-school students

This year, the master students from the DTRN "Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards" and GER "Geology of Exploration and Reservoirs" are developing through the Student Chapter association a very promising and ambitious project in 3 steps :
1) Mentoring high school students from Perpignan in order to help them in their earth science project dedicated to Iceland (hot spots, ressources, life in extreme environments, volcanism, sedimentary basins, geothermal energy etc...). By next April they would be able to present their work in a public presentation.
2) In April, all Master & high school students will go in Iceland for 10 days sampling rocks in a scientific approach and bring samples back to the Geosciences Montpellier lab.
3) Once back at University, high school students will cut and interpret their own samples under the supervison of their master mentors. Our students are aware of transmitting their taste for earth sciences to younger generations and this is very surprising for such young undergraduate students (not the taste but the transmission) !
From left to right, 1th row : Thomas Moreau, Laurie Tchang-Tchong, Taïs Franchet, Marie Jacottin, Charlotte Guérin, Solène Meyer, Maryem Khyatte
2nd row : Victor Bonnet, Aurélien Gay, Corentin Gardes, Gabriel Pasquet, Théo Bourgeois, Gyde Feiry Chris Bahonda, Maxime Catinat, Flavien Woirin, Antoine Mullor, Marialine Chardelin, Alexandre Lemoyne