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Soutenance de thèse Eric SICILIANO REGO

Soutenance de thèse Eric SICILIANO REGO

Vendredi 23 septembre à 14h Eric SICILIANO REGO soutiendra ses travaux de thèse "Element and isotope geochemistry from iron formations and carbonates.
New insights into the fe cycle and paleoenvironmental reconstructions during the neoarchean in carajás, brazil"

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Iron formations (IFs) are well-studied chemical archives of Precambrian seawater, thus offering evidence of past oceanic redox conditions, and providing insights on how the iron (Fe) cycle was operating throughout key periods of Earth’s history. This work focuses on applying elemental and isotopic geochemical measurements (Fe and C isotopes) in IFs and carbonates deposited in Neoarchean Carajás (Brazil, Amazonian Craton), before the Great Oxidation Event (GOE). We address issues regarding possible oxygenation events prior to the GOE (whiffs of oxygen), the role of microbial activity such as anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in reducing environments, nutrient availability such as phosphorus in paleoseawater, and post-depositional effects imprinted in the sedimentary record.

Membres du jury :
- Franck POITRASSON DR CNRS, Université de Toulouse. Rapporteur
- Roberto VENTURA SANTOS Professeur, Universidade de Brasília. Rapporteur
- Delphine BOSCH DR CNRS, GM, Université de Montpellier. Examinatrice
- Ricardo TRINDADE Professeur, Universidade de São Paulo. Examinateur
- Marly BABINSKI Professeur, Universidade de São Paulo. Co-directrice de thèse
- Pascal PHILIPPOT DR CNRS, GM, Université de Montpellier. Co-directeur de thèse
- Vincent BUSIGNY Professeur, IPG Paris. Co-encadrant de thèse