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(101) Production(s) of year 2017

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+ Deformation of olivine-orthopyroxene aggregates at high pressure and temperature: Implications for the seismic properties of the asthenosphere doi link

Author(s): Soustelle V., Manthilake Geeth

(Article) Published: Tectonophysics, vol. 694 p.385 - 399 (2017)

+ Permian magmatism and metamorphism in the Dent Blanche nappe: constraints from field observations and geochronology doi link

Author(s): Manzotti Paola, Rubatto Daniela, Zucali Michel, Korh Afifé El, Cenki-Tok B., Ballevre Michel, Engi Martin

(Article) Published: Swiss Journal Of Geosciences, vol. p.Accepté (2017)

+ Modelling the interplate domain in thermo-mechanical simulations of subduction: Critical effects of resolution and rheology, and consequences on wet mantle melting doi link

Author(s): Arcay D.

(Article) Published: Physics Of The Earth And Planetary Interiors, vol. 269 p.112-132 (2017)

+ The geochronological evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Baoule-Mossi domain of the Southern West African Craton doi link

Author(s): Parra-Avila Luis A., Kemp Anthony i. s., Fiorentini Marco L., Belousova Elena, Baratoux Lenka, Block Sylvain, Jessell Mark, Bruguier O., Begg Graham c., Miller John, Davis James, McCuaig T. Campbell

(Article) Published: Precambrian Research, vol. 300 p.1-27 (2017)

+ Geometry, kinematics and geochronology of the Sertania Complex (central Borborema Province, NE Brazil): Assessing the role of accretionary versus intraplate processes during West Gondwana assembly doi link

Author(s): Neves Sergio p., Rangel Da Silva Jose Mauricio, Bruguier O.

(Article) Published: Precambrian Research, vol. 298 p.552-571 (2017)

+ Age of UHP metamorphism in the Western Mediterranean: Insight from rutile and minute zircon inclusions in a diamond-bearing garnet megacryst (Edough Massif, NE Algeria) doi link

Author(s): Bruguier O., Bosch D., Caby R., Vitale-Brovarone Alberto, Fernandez L., Hammor Dalila, Laouar Rabah, Ouabadi Aziouz, Abdallah Nachida, Mechati Mehdi

(Article) Published: Earth And Planetary Science Letters, vol. 474 p.215-225 (2017)

+ Palaeointensity determinations and magnetic properties on Eocene rocks from Izu-Bonin-Mariana forearc (IODP Exp. 352) doi link

Author(s): Carvallo C., Camps P., Sager W. w., Poidras T.

(Article) Published: Geophysical Journal International, vol. 210 p.1993-2009 (2017)

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