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Scientific Softwares

These scientific softwares, developed by Geosciences researchers, are in open access.


- ADELI Geomechanical software (contributor : Jean Chery) is a FORTRAN 77 Finite Element software developed to model the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the crust and the lithosphere at geological time scales for 2D and 3D quasi-static problems. The analysis is performed in large strain using the concept of objective derivative. While the space is discretized using linear elements (triangles in 2d and tetrahedrons in 3d), the time approximation is done using an explicit finite method based on the Dynamic Relaxation Method.

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GravProcess 1.3 Relative gravimeters are extensively used in numerous geosciences applications. This software developed by R. Cattin and S. Mazzotti is dedicated to computing high-resolution data (...)

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- Petrofabrics developed by David Mainprice.

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- SplitLab (Splitting Laboratory) has been developed by Andreas Wüstefeld, Guilhem Barruol, and Götz Bokelmann. It is a code for the processing of seismological data to constrain seismic anisotropy using shear-wave splitting.

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- SubMAP (Subduction database) developed by Arnauld Heuret, Jérôme Losq and Serge Lallemand, is a tool that allows to generate maps, sections and datasets of subduction zones areas which include some basic "geodynamical" data such as bathymetry, hypocenters of earthquakes, characteristics of the seismogenic zone, gravity and present-day kinematics.

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- WTFM (Well Tests in Fractured Media) developed by Gerard Lods and Philippe Gouze, is a graphical user interface software for the analysis of pump tests in fractured media, accounting for the presence of two imbricated conductive media, the fractures network and the rock matrix, and for the impact of the geometry of the fractures network, which dominates the flow at the scale of the pump tests.

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