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LOFI Johanna

PhD in Marine Geology, HDR.
Work experience : 15 years among which 10 in the framework of IODP


(1) passive basins and margins as sedimentary archives,
(2) coastal aquifers and associated fluid dynamics,
(3) Messinian Salinity Crisis Event.


BLOG : what is downhole logging ?
European Petrophysics Consortium EPC


- Sedimentology and seismic stratigraphy
- Borehole geophysics and images
- Core petrophysics


- Logging scientist on IODP Joides Resolution expeditions
- Petrophysics scientist on IODP/ECORD Mission Specific Platforms expeditions
- Vice-chair of the Cost Action MEDSALT CA15103 (
- Coordinator of the DREAM drilling project
- Alternate for the IODP “Site Survey” Science Evaluation Panel - 2016 ECORD representative


2016 Expedition 364, Chicxulub
2013 Expedition 346, Asian Monsoon
2011-2012 Expedition 339, Mediterranean Outflow
2009 Expedition 313, New Jersey shallow shelf


IODP RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – 2015- present. "Petrophysics Staff Scientist" for ECORD – Univ. of Montpellier, France
FRENCH HABILITATION FOR PHD SUPERVISION – 2014– Passive margins : sedimentary archives of past events and present-day fresh water reservoirs : illustration through multi-scale examples
IODP RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – 2013-2014 "Petrophysics Staff Scientist" and “Logging staff scientist” – Univ. of Leicester, UK
IODP POSTDOCTORAL POSITION – 2006-2012 – "Petrophysics Staff Scientist" and “Logging staff scientist”, Univ. of Montpellier, France
ASSISTANT LECTURER – 2004-2005 – Univ. of Perpignan, France
POSTDOCTORAL POSITION – 2002-2004 – Pro-deltas and stratigraphic archives, CNR, Bologna, Italy
ASSISTANT LECTURER – 2001-2002 – Univ. of Bordeaux, France
PhD THESIS – 1998-2002 – The Messinian salinity crisis : direct and delayed consequences on the sedimentary evolution of the Gulf of Lions margin, Univ. of Lille and IFREMER


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