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Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life : Workshop for Scientific Ocean Drilling (Southampton, 2009)

Challenges for the next generation of scientific ocean drilling into the oceanic lithosphere

A workshop to benchmark achievements and plan future investigations of the Formation and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere and its Role within the Earth System National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK, 27-29 July 2009


With the imminent development of a new science plan for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), the MMFL workshop was timely to review achievements and identify future experiments to refine our knowledge of the mid-ocean ridge processes and the myriad chemical and biological exchanges between the ocean crust and the wider Earth system.

This workshop had four principal aims :

1. To review and assess our current understanding of ocean lithospheric processes from mantle melting, crustal magmatism, ridge axis and flank hydrothermal exchange, tectonic variability, global biogeochemical cycles, and novel ecosystems and environments ;

2. To highlight the successes of past drilling of the oceanic crust and identify key knowledge and sampling gaps ;

3. To engage the broad community of scientists with interests in ocean crustal processes and the vast ocean basement environments in fostering future integrated research programs ;

4. To identify key scientific questions, objectives, challenges, and technical requirements for future scientific drilling of the oceanic lithosphere to better inform the September 2009 INVEST meeting.

Scientists of all career stages were encouraged to participate in this workshop to develop future goals for understanding the ocean lithosphere and related geochemical and biological interactions. Scientific exchange and the exploration of new ideas that will spur future progress was a priority. This workshop was not to design future drilling proposals but aimed to build community momentum along the new and established research avenues that will shape the future priorities the IODP and guide innovative experiments by the broader earth science community.

Conveners : Damon Teagle (NOC, Southampton, UK), Natsue Abe (IFREE, JAMSTEC, Japan), Wolfgang Bach (University of Bremen, Germany), Donna Blackman (Scripps, La Jolla, USA), Rosalind Coggon (Imperial College, London, UK), Henry Dick (WHOI, Woods Hole, USA), Katrina Edwards (USC, Los Angeles, USA), and Benoit Ildefonse (Geosciences Montpellier, CNRS, France)

This workshop was sponsored by InterRidge for the Deep Earth Sampling Working Group.

- Download the workshop report
- Download the full workshop report with presentation (30 Mb)
- Workshop summary white paper for the INVEST meeting (Teagle et al., 2009)
- MoHole white paper for the INVEST meeting (Ildefonse et al., 2009)