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MoHole feasibility study

At the end of 2010, the IODP-MI Board of Governors gave its approval to IODP-MI (BoG Motion 1012-03) for a technical feasibility and cost analysis study of a MoHole, conducted by an independent company (Blade Energy Partners). Beyond the details of the various studied drilling scenarios, this initial report states that "drilling to the mantle is certainly feasible and that there are existing industry solutions to many of the technological challenges associated with drilling this type of borehole".

- Read the initial MoHole feasibility study (2011)
- Read the article by Nicolas Pilisi and Bill Whitney (Blade Energy Partners)
- See the presentation given by Blade Energy Partners and IODP-MI at the Offshore Technology Conference (Houston, April 2012)

Operationally, major challenges will be associated with collecting the cored material, making in-situ measurements, installing casing, and keeping the MoHole open for successive deepening in a multiyear, multiphase operation. To prepare for this, all issues related to drilling, casing, coring, and logging must be adequately explored and included in a comprehensive and complete operation plan, as soon as the site characteristics are known (see key elements listed in the Kanazawa Workshop Report, 2010). The initial feasibility study is encouraging. The report concludes that there are existing solutions to both the riser design and drill-string design issues. The key issues identified are the development of 1) downhole tools capable of withstanding the high downhole temperatures, and 2) bits with improved bit life, which will reduce operation cost and improve coring techniques.