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Publications les plus récentes

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Boudier F. Oman Mountains Atlas. Publ. Economic Planning Affair Sultanate of Oman (contribution : 47pp, 57 figs

Clément, M., Padrón-Navarta, J.A., Tommasi, A., Mainprice, D., (in press) Non-hydrostatic stress field orientation inferred from orthopyroxene (Pbca) to low-clinoenstatite (P21/c) inversion in partially dehydrated serpentinites. American Mineralogist, doi :10.2138/am-2018-6362.

Denis, C.M.M, Demouchy, S., Alard, O., (in press) Heterogeneous hydrogen distribution in orthopyroxene from veined mantle peridotite (San Carlos, Arizona) : Impact of melt-rock interactions. Lithos doi:10.1016/J.lithos.2018.01.007.

Ionov DA, Doucet LS, Xu Y, Golovin AV, Oleinikov OB (in press) Reworking of Archean mantle in the NE Siberian craton by carbonatite and silicate melt metasomatism : evidence from a carbonate-bearing, dunite-to-websterite xenolith suite from the Obnazhennaya kimberlite. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, doi:10.1016/j.gca.2017.12.02

Morales, L.F.G., Mainprice, D., Kern,H. (in press) Olivine-antigorite phase transformation : microstructures, phase boundary misorientation and seismic properties. Tectonophysics doi : 10.1016/j.tecto.2017.12.009

Urosevic, M., Nebel, O., Padrón-Navarta, J.A., Rubatto, D. (in press) Assessment of O and Fe isotope heterogeneity in garnet from Kakanui (New Zealand) and Erongo (Namibia). European Journal of Mineralogy.

Thieme, M., Demouchy, S., Mainprice, D., F. Barou, F., P. Cordier,. P. (in press) Stress evolution and associated microstructure during transient creep of olivine at 1000-1200 °C, Phys. Earth Planet. Int., doi : 10.1016/j.pepi.2018.03.002.


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