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Propriétés physiques de la croûte océanique

Electrical properties of oceanic rocks

Petrological and structural characteristics of gabbros in ODP Hole 735B, together with electrical formation factor, surface conduction fraction, and Vp

Electrical properties of low-porosity crystalline media are extracted from series of sample conductivity measurements at different salinities of the saturating fluid (Revil and Glover, 1998). Electrolytic conduction is seen through the electrical formation factor, which is related to sample porosity via the electrical tortuosity and the cimentation index. Surface conductivity is related to alteration.
The analysis of the porous structure of the gabbroic section in ODP Hole 735B indicates that this section is segmented in two parts, as a result of distinct deformation/alteration histories above and below 850meters below sea floor.
In the Oman ophiolite (GEOman experiment), gabbros and serpentinized peridotites have distinct electrical properties, which, together with the difference in seismic anisotropy, are possible criteria to geophysically distinguish serpentinized peridotite and gabbros in the ocean crust.

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