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GM à l’EGU

Plusieurs membres du laboratoire présenteront leurs travaux au prochain congrès de l’EGU :

Céline Baudouin
- Volcanic activities in the Southern part of East African rift initiation : Melilitites and nephelinites from the Manyara Basin (North Tanzania rift axis)
Session TS5.2/GMPV5.12 "Tectonic and magmatic processes in extensional settings. Insights from cutting-edge seismic data, Iceland, East Africa, the South China Sea, and beyond".

Delphine Bosch
- Orogenic development of the Adrar des Iforas (Tuareg Shield, NE Mali) : new geochemical and geochronological data and geodynamic implications
Delphine Bosch, Olivier Bruguier, Renaud Caby, Francois Buscail, and Dalila Hammor
- Geochemical composition of subcontinental lithospheric mantle in the westernmost Mediterranean : constrains from peridotite xenoliths in Plio-Pleistocene alkali basalts (eastern Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)
Claudio Marchesi, Zoltán Konc, Delphine Bosch, Carlos J. Garrido, Károly Hidas, and María Isabel Varas-Reus
- Metamorphic and tectonic evolution of Ceuta peninsula (Internal Rif) : new interpretation in the framework of arc and back arc evolution
Emmanuelle Homonnay, Jean-Marc Lardeaux, Michel Corsini, Bénédicte Cenki-Tok, Delphine Bosch, Philippe Munch, Adrien Romagny, and Mohamed Ouazzani-Touhami
- UHP metamorphism in the Western Mediterranean : A tale of a Tethys fragment (Edough Massif, NE Algeria) and its geodynamic consequences
Olivier Bruguier, Delphine Bosch, Renaud Caby, Laure Fernandez, Nachida Abdallah, Nicolas Arnaud, Dalila Hammor, Rabah Laouar, Medhi Mechati, Patrick Monié, Aziouz Ouabadi, and Abder Toubal
- Formation of Garnet Granulite in the Lower Crust of a paleo-Island Arc
Carlos J. Garrido, José Alberto Padrón-Navarta, Vicente López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Jean-Louis Bodinier, Delphine Bosch, Claudio Marchesi, and Károly Hidas
- co-convenor de la session : "Tectonics of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and the geodynamics of arc systems along convergent plate boundaries" Co-Conveners : A. Triantafyllou , M. Sun , W. Xiao , Karel Schulmann , K. Cai , J. Berger , C.J. Garrido , D. Bosch , P.Bouilhol
- co-conveners TS6.5
Tectonics of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and the geodynamics of arc systems along convergent plate boundaries
Convener : Pengfei Li
Co-Conveners : Antoine Triantafyllou , Min Sun , Wenjiao Xiao , Karel Schulmann , Keda Cai , Julien Berger , Carlos J. Garrido , Delphine Bosch , Pierre Bouilhol

Séverine Furst
- Long-term rheological behavior of the crust and mantle inferred from observations and models at laboratory and geological time and spatial scales (in memory of E. Burov) (co-organized), room 2.20 on Friday, 22 Apr 2016, 09:15
Use of interseismic GPS data : a novel way to evaluate the lithosphere rigidity variations
Session GD7.1/EMRP4.5/TS8.5
Severine Furst, Michel Peyret, Jean Chéry, Bijan Mohammadi

Fanny Garel
- History vs. snapshot : how slab morphology relates to slab age evolution
Session GD5.3/EMRP4.4/GMPV2.4/SM6.10 "Subduction dynamics from surface to deep mantle".

Stéphanie Gautier
- Interaction between an incipient rift and a cratonic lithosphere : The North Tanzania Rift seen from some seismic tools
by Stéphanie Gautier et al.

Franck Nono
- Electrical conductivity of Icelandic deep geothermal reservoirs : insight from HT-HP laboratory experiments
Session EMRP1.3/GI0.5/SM1.6 Integrating new and emergent multi-scale measurements and images of the physical properties of the Earth from laboratory experiments to the Deep Earth
- Permeability of Icelandic deep geothermal reservoirs : insight from HP and HT measurements
Session GMPV5.8/EMRP4.10/TS1.7 Pores, Cracks, Fluids & Permeability in Crustal, Magmatic and Volcanic Environments.

José Alberto Padrón Navarta
- José Alberto Padrón Navarta, Andréa Tommasi, Carlos J Garrido, David Mainprice, and Maxime Clément. Strain rate and shear stress at the grain scale generated during near equilibrium antigorite dehydration.
Session GMPV4.1/TS2.5 Chemo-mechanical feedback between mineral reactions, stress generation, deformation and mass transport in the presence of fluids.
- co-convener of the session
Progress in Metamorphic Geology : From Ultrahigh-temperature Terrains to Subduction Zones (co-organized)
Convener : Silvio Ferrero | Co-Conveners : Eugene Grosch , Philippe Goncalves , Pierre Lanari , José Alberto Padrón-Navarta

Christel Tiberi
- A multidisciplinary project to address the onset of rifting and the interaction between deformation and inherited fabrics
by Christel Tiberi et al.