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ANR Tremplin - DeepW (Deep Water Transport)

ANR Tremplin - DeepW (Deep Water Transport)

Fluids are transferred from the hydrosphere to the Earth’s mantle through subduction, potentially reaching the Earth’s Transition Zone (410-660 km) and even the Earth’s lower mantle. Hydrous magmatism and explosive volcanism recycle part of these fluids to the hydrosphere and atmosphere. The fate of the non-recycled fluids is unknown. To constrain this cycle it is crucial to quantify the proportion and composition of the different phases (fluids, melts and hydrous minerals) that may host volatiles at these extreme conditions.

The ERC project that I will present focus on water exchanges processes in Subduction Zones beyond the stability of hydrous minerals, where the deep water cycle starts. The novelty of the project relies on the comprehension that the techniques used in this field up to now are unable to provide the experimental constraints needed to build a thermodynamically consistent model able to correctly predict water concentrations in the nominally anhydrous minerals, which are volumetrically the major players in the water cycle in the upper mantle. I proposed therefore a new experimental protocol to obtain reliable thermodynamic parameters at the condition where the minerals coexist with a fluid, instead of with a melt or a supercritical melt-fluid, and new techniques allowing extrapolating this data to supersolidus conditions and potentially to supercritical conditions.


José Alberto Padrón-Navarta