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Olivier Alard


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Research positions and education

Since nov-2004 : Chargée de recherche CNRS, (section 18), at Géosciences Montpellier.

2003-2004 : Royal Society University Research Fellow. Radiogenic Isotope Group, UK.

2002-2003 : Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellow at The Open University (UK). Stable metal isotope in terrestrial and extraterrestrial rocks : toward the use of metal stable isotopes in geosciences.

2000-2001 : Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at The Open University (UK) Laser ablation multicollector ICP-MS development, PGE and Re-Os systematic in planetary materials

1996-2000 : Ph.D. national ARC Key centre GEMOC, Macquarie Univesity, Sydney Australia on “Chalcophile and siderophile elements in the mantle : geochemical characteristics & distributions. “

CNRS’ bronze medal (young researcher) in 2008
Honorary Associate Macquarie University since 2008

Research interests

  • in-situ Geochemistry of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial mafic and ultramafic rocks,
  • Structure, composition and evolution of continental and oceanic lithospheric mantle,
  • Planetary differentiation processes : chondrite, achondrite and “primitive” mantle,
  • Siderophile (including Re-Os isotopes) and chalcophile trace elements in the Earth mantle and meteorites.

Full Publications

ResearcherID : A-7128-2008

Up to date list here

Selected Publications

- Alard, O. Griffin, W.L., Lorand, J.P., Jackson, S.E., O’Reilly, S.Y., 2000, Non-chondritic distribution of the Highly Siderophile Elements in mantle sulfides, Nature, 407, 891-894.

- Lorand, J.-P. and Alard, O., 2001. Platinum-Group Element abundances in the upper mantle : New constraints from in-situ and whole-rock analyses of Massif Central xenoliths (France), Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 65, 2789-2806

- Alard, O., Griffin, W.L., Pearson, N.G., Lorand, J.P. and O’Reilly, S.Y., 2002, New insights into the Re/Os systematics of sub-continental lithospheric mantle from in-situ analysis of sulfides, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 203 : 651-663.

- Lorand, J.-P., Alard, O., Luguet, A. and Keays, R.R., 2003. Se abundance and S/Se systematic of Massif Central peridotite xenoliths, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 67 : 4137-4151.

- Alard, O, Luguet, A., Pearson, N.J., Griffin, W.L., Lorand J.P. Gannoun, A., Burton K.W. and O’Reilly, S.Y., 2005. In-situ Os isotopes in abyssal peridotites : bridging the “isotopic gap” between MORB and their source mantle, Nature, 436 : 1005-1008.

- Le Roux, V., Bodinier, J.-L., Tommasi, A., Alard, O., Dautria, J.-M., Vauchez, A., Riches, A.J.V., 2007. The Lherz spinel lherzolite : refertilized rather than pristine mantle, Earth. Planet. Sci. Lett., 259 : 599-612.

- Godard, M., Lagabrielle, Y., Alard, O., Harvey, J., 2008. Partial melting and mantle dynamics at slow spreading ridges : New insights from the geochemistry of peridotites drilled at ODP Sites 1272 and 1274 (Fifteen-Twenty Fracture Zone, Mid-Atlantic Ridge), Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 267:410-425.

- Lorand, J.P., Luguet, A. and Alard, O., 2008. Distribution of the PGE in the Earth and extraterrestrial materials., Elements, 4(5), [invited review]. In press.

- Le Roux*, V., Bodinier, J.M., Alard, O., Griffin, W.L. and O’Reilly, S.Y., 2009. Isotopes variability generated in mantle rock by magma transport. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 279:76-85.

- Lorand, J.-P., Alard, O., Luguet, A., 2010. Platinum-group element micronuggets and refertilization process in Lherz orogenic peridotite (north Easterh Pyrenees, France), Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 289 : 298-310

- Lorand, J.-P. & Alard, O., 2010. Determination of Selenium and Tellurium concentrations in Pyreneann peridotites (Ariège, France) : new insight into S-Se-Te systematic of the upper mantle, Chem. Geol., 278 : 120-130.

- Alard, O., Lorand, J.-P., Reisberg, L., Bodinier, J.-L., Dautria, J.M. & O’Reilly, S.Y., 2011. Volatile-rich metasomatism in Montferrier xenoliths (southern France) : consequences for chalcophile and highly siderophile elements abundances in the sub-continental mantle, J. Petrology, 52 : 2009-2045.

- Jacquet*, E., Alard, O. & Gounelle,M., 2012., Chondrule Trace element geochemistry at the mineral scale. Metorit. & Planet. Sci., 47 : 1695-1714.

Recent presentations at scientifc institutions and meetings

Other strong and interests outside the lab

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