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Structures et Propriétés physiques des magmas

Analogue experiments on compaction and shearing of wet granular media : Implications for rheology and structures in crystallizing magmas

In a cooling magma, rheological changes are primary controlled by the progressively increasing crystallinity and related melt fraction threshold(s) marking changes in deformation mechanisms. We (...)

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Flow mechanism in partially molten gabbro

Although they show no or little crystal-plastic deformation, the Oman ophiolite gabbros are affected by numerous deformation structures, including foliations, lineations, folds and shear bands. (...)

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Modelling the seismic properties of partially crystallized gabbro

A model of seismic velocities in partially cristallized gabbros shows that, taking into account the anisotropy of basaltic melt distribution in the crystalline aggregate (deduced from textural (...)

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Experimental study of low-frequency attenuation in partially molten gabbro

This study aimed to better characterize seismic properties of a partially cristallized/molten gabbro, by measuring attenuation in Oman gabbronorite samples at low frequencies. Experiments were (...)

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