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Géosciences Montpellier

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Recherche - Research
Vulgarisation scientifique - Scientific Outreach

M2M (MoHole To the Mantle)


Derniers billets publiés

The M2M proposal

MoHole To the Mantle

The proposal for the M2M project was submitted on April 1st, 2012 to IODP

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Presentations and posters

Examples of communications presented by M2M proponents

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MoHole feasibility study

Read the initial MoHole feasibility study (by Blade Energy Partners, 2011)

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Journey to the Mantle of the Earth

An article by Damon Teagle and Benoît Ildefonse (Nature, March 2011)

Teagle, D.A.H., and Ildefonse, B., 2011. Nature, 471, 437-439, doi:10.1038/471437a

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The project Mohole in 1961

A brief presentation of the 1961 Mohole project

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Recent meetings (2011, 2012)

Meetings of co-proponents and supporters of the MoHole project to discuss the new MoHole proposal

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Drilling Deep in the East Pacific Crust : ODP Hole 1256D, IODP Expedition 335

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 335 “Superfast Spreading Rate Crust 4” returned to deepen Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Hole 1256D several hundred meters into cumulate gabbros to understand the formation of ocean crust accreted at fast spreading ridges. Site 1256 is located in 15 Ma crust formed at the East Pacific Rise during an episode of superfast ocean spreading (>200 mm/yr full rate) and exploits the inverse relationship between spreading rate and the depth to (...)

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Peer-reviewed publications

1. Journals surveyed in "ISI Web of knowledge" Blackman, D.K., Ildefonse, B., John, B.E., Ohara, Y., Miller, D.J., Abe, N., Abratis, M., Andal, E.S., Andréani, M., Awaji, S., Beard, J.S., Brunelli, D., Charney, A.B., Christie, D.M., Collins, J., Delacour, A.G., Delius, H., Drouin, M., Einaudi, F., Escartin, J., Halfpenny, A., Hansen, H.E., Harris, A.C., Tamura, A., Hayman, N.W., Hellebrand, E., Hirose, T., Hirh, J.G., Ishimaru, S., Johnson, K.T.M., Karner, G.D., Linek, M., Macleod, C.J., (...)

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The MoHole Workshop (Kanazawa, 2010)

A Crustal Journey and Mantle Quest

The MoHole workshop was held in Kanazawa in June 2010. The goal was to refine the science objectives of a single ultradeep hole in fast spread ocean crust, and to discuss technology issues and solutions.

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Reaching the Mantle Frontier : Moho and Beyond (Washington, 2010)

The integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) co-sponsored "Reaching the Mantle Frontier : Moho and Beyond - A Three-Day Workshop" from 9-11 September 2010. The workshop was held at the Broad Branch Campus of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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