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National Agencies

Government agencies are funding a large part of the research projects in the laboratory. Below are some significant examples of such projects. Comprehensive list and description of funded projects is to be found within the Research Team pages.

ANR Project: CoLiBrEA

CoLiBrEA is a multidisciplinary project which aims at understanding the processes involved in the continental breakup of the lithosphere in East Africa.
The study focuses on the only continental (...)

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This project is coordinated by Stéphane Mazzotti and funded by the ANR Chairs of Excellence 2012 program,
The main objective of project DefDyCor (Deformation and Dynamics of Continental (...)

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RFG Program

The national program "Référentiel Géologique de la France" long-term objective is to provide numerical, 3D geological information, consistent over the French territory.
The RGF program stands (...)

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Bhutan Nepal ANR

Bhutan-Nepal ANR aims at analyzing lateral variations in seismic coupling along the Himalayan arc.
The objective is to provide 3D imaging of the state of stress along a continental thrust-fault (...)

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