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Mantle Processes

Team Leaders: Fleurice Parat et Catherine Thoraval]
Tel. +33 4 67 14 39 32 - +33 4 67 14 29 46

2 researchers of the Mantle Processes team honored

Andrea Tommasi has been elected a Union Fellow by the American Geophysical Union.

To be elected a Union Fellow is a tribute to researchers who have made exceptional contributions to Earth and Space sciences as valued by their peers. She will be recognized as Union Fellow in December during the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco for pioneering work on deformation mechanisms and microstructures within the Earth and their impact on Plate Tectonics.

Sylvie Demouchy has been awarded the EMU Research Excellence Medal.
The European Mineralogical Union awards annually since 1995 a young scientist (not older than 40 years) who made significant contributions to research and who are active in strengthening European scientific links. Sylvie is awarded for her contribution to experimental geochemistry applied to mineral physics, especially regarding water cycle in the deep Earth and olivine’s rheology.
The award ceremony will be held during the next Goldschmidt Conference (Paris, 2017)

Our studies are focused on the physico-chemical mecanisms which drive the dynamic Earth via multi-scales studies of coupled processes for deformation and for mass and energy transport in the deep mantle and towards external envelopes. Our multidisciplinary approach is a combination of analysis of deformation and geochemical exchanges at scales varying from crystal to plate, experiments, and numerical modeling.

Research topics
* Lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions - Coordination : J.-L. Bodinier
* Oceanic lithosphere: geodynamics, hydrothermalism et georessources - Coordination : B. Ildefonse
* Localization of déformation in ductile materials (mantle et analogs) : experimental approach and models - Coordination : A. Tommasi
* Abondance, behavior and tranfer of volatile elements (C, H, S) : measurements and expérimentation - Coordination : S. Demouchy et F. Parat