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Reservoir Geology & Resources

Head: Manuel Muñoz
(33) 4 67 14 93 24

A multidisciplinary team dedicated to the study of reservoirs and natural resources (mineral & energy), which develops fundamental research with industrial partnerships.

Sedimentary fabric of basins

We are dealing with the stratigraphic architecture of sedimentary basins.
We focus on complex systems of the marine-continental transition on case-studies in the Caribbean and Aegean arcs, and (...)

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Tectonic fabric of basins

Faults, Fractures, Geomechanics.
We are determining the part played by : tectonics, burial, exhumation, mecano-stratigraphy on fracturation within sedimentary basins and mineralized bodies. (...)

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Team members

The Reservoir Geology and Resource Team comprises 12 staff 2 post-Doc and 9 PhD students

Contact: Manuel MUNOZ 04 67 14 93 24

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Interpretation platform for oil & gas and mining exploration

Basins Team uses an interpretation platform dedicated to viewing, analysing, interpreting and modeling oil & gas and mining data.
Several licences such as : KingdomSuite, Petrel, Techlog, (...)

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Reservoirs & Natural Resources

Reservoirs and natural resources research theme is transverse over the whole Basins Team. It integrates studies on the reservoir fabric (basin analysis, stratigraphy, predicting reservoir (...)

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Post-depositional evolution of basins

Geofluids and Karsts
Studies of paleokarsts focus on the interactions of geodynamics and base-level variations. We address two main questions:
relationships between the processes of (...)

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