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EBSD Services

In 1998 we have installed a JEOL PC-driven JEM-5600 SEM with our home-made Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction (EBSD) system with a Deben 3-axis stage controller. The EBSD system is a home-made phosphor screen, window port and lens, with a Phototonic Science CoolView CCD camera connected to an Argus-10 image analysis system (real-time background correction etc) and a PC running Oxford Instruments HKL Technology Channel+ EBSD indexing software. This home-made EBSD system has recently been replaced by a new Nordlys II EBSD Detector from Oxford Instruments HKL Technology.

Since February 2008 a new CamScan X500FE "Crystal Probe" is installed at Geosciences Montpellier.

We are working on a large range of rock types, including basalts, gabbros, peridotites, eclogites, meteorites, ...

CamScan X500FE CrystalProbe

An electron probe dedicated to high-resolution crystallographic mapping during static heating or high temperature deformation experiments

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How EBSD measurements work

Basic informations on the EBSD technique

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Visit our original, home-made installation

The original EBSD setup in Montpellier

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